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Seal Watching Tours:

  • Special Tour (1,5 hours with guarantee)

  • Normal Tour (1 hour)


Regular information:

Our boat offers room for a small group, making the trip a personal and exclusive feeling.
A toilet is present, a large deck with panoramic view, and a cabin where you can comfortably sit inside
In the Dutch Wadden and North Sea area live 2 breeds of seals that we can encounter on the trip, the 'harbor seal' and the 'gray seal'.
In calm weather it is even possible to encounter a porpoise, the smallest tooth whale on earth.

Special Tour (1,5 hours)

Join us for 90 minutes filled with adventure!

Join this select group (12 people or under) as we sail to the seals that live off the coast of Texel. A special 90 minute tour takes us to the nature area and uninhabited island of Noorderhaaks (also known as The Raging Ball among locals) or to Vogelzand on the shallow, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme.

The Sop is not a large boat, which means we can even reach shallow depths and see the animals up-close. This special seal tour therefore guarantees spotting many grey and common seals. Curious seals will sometimes swim right next to the boat, which makes this tour a unique experience! You can take gorgeous pictures and videos from the panorama deck, or you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of the cabin (which also offers a restroom).

On top of all this, the trip to and back is a true speed boat experience! We sail at 23 knots from the harbor of Oudeschild and back again. This is quite the experience in and of itself!

We are the only ones on Texel to give a 100% seal spotting guarantee. No seals = money back!

Reservations and more information:

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(9.00 till 19.00)


Normal Tour (1 hour)

We sail out at low tide for a 60 minute tour to "De Bollen", a tidal sand bank where large groups of seals gather around even well before it dries up so they can get a good spot on the shallow! The ship's small draught allows us to reach the tidal sand bank up-close, so you can take the best possible pictures!
After this special seal meeting, we treat you to a true speedboat experience on our way back to the harbor: we sail at an impressive speed of ca. 23 knots, made possible by our 620 HP Volvo engine.

Reservations and more information:

telefoon icon +31 (0)6 209 205 94

(9.00 till 19.00)







Wij hopen u snel aan boord te verwelkomen voor een schitterende zeehondentocht!

Reservereren is aan te raden:

telefoon icon+31(0)6 209 205 94

(van 9.00 tot 19.00 uur)


Bij slecht weer of geen afvaart adviseren wij een bezoek aan het centrum voor de Wadden en de Noordzee op Texel."Ecomare".Op deze prachtige Texelse locatie kan men veel over de zeehonden leren.

Om de zeehonden "echt" in hun natuurlijke omgeving te  kunnen zien, varen wij met "Het Sop" naar het leefgebied van de zeehonden in het Waddenzee en Noordzee-gebied.

We recommend reserving in advance,

by phoning: telefoon icon +31 (0) 6 209 205 94

If the weather is bad or we are otherwise prevented from departing, we warmly recommend visiting the Wadden and North Sea Center on Texel: Ecomare. This beautiful facility offers plenty of information on seals and sea life.

If you want to watch seals in their own environment, let Het Sop take you on a seal-watching excursion to their natural habitat in the Waddensea.