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Childeren (under 5 years) :







We advice to book in advance by phone:

telefoon icon+31 (0)6 209 205 94

(9.00 to 19.00)

Payment is cash only. Please get your tickets 30 minutes before departure at our ticketbox.

Het Sop also provides a toilet and AED. In cold weather or rain you can sit warm inside our cabin.



* Dogs can join for free if reasonably possible. Your dog has to be willing to board the ship and not be aggressive or a nuisance to other passengers or dogs. We can help you lift your dog onto the ship if it weighs 20 kg or less


Safety First!
Het Sop is inspected annually and meets all safety requirements. In accordance with the regulations, there is a life jacket available for every passenger. We also have two life rafts on board that carry 12 persons each. Het Sop is not just any pleasure boat: it is a seaworthy ship and can rightly be called one of the safest ships in Oudeschild.